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Wool Blankets

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When our American ancestors lived on the plains, in the mountains and valleys, they knew the blanket that really made a difference was made of classic hand spun wool. Wool got a bad rap from those early days because it could be scratchy, not washable, and generally unfriendly; but piled on top of quilts with little brothers and sisters cuddled underneath, one soon learned it was the wool that made the difference in warmth when there was no central heating.

Today, we find used wool blankets are in much demand on eBay and other such housewares sites, but there are new wool blankets being produced today right here in America in Oregon by the Pendleton Blanket Co. AntiqueKitchen.com offers one line of these which are made specifically for the Old Hickory Furniture Co of Shelbyville, Indiana. They are a little pricey, and part of the reason for that is that other manufacturers across the globe vie for the limited amount of raw wool product. Considering that we are all working toward sustainable living, wool is one of those products that is grown without harming the source, that is the sheep. At local state fairs, one can see the women of the sheep herder’s families spinning the wool their men have shorn, a practice still alive and well, much thanks to 4-H programs in rural communities.

Coming within the next month, AntiqueKitchen will be offering WASHABLE WOOL by Berkshire. We have already tested this product and proven when washed in cool water and dried on cool setting, the blanket remains soft, well shaped and beautiful. Watch for it.

Of course, AntiqueKitchen.com also carries the more common polyester and cotton types of blankets which have their purposes. Polyester and cotton are often considered hypoallergenic and they are washable. These come in all shapes and sizes from king size to throws.


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