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See the USA in Your Chevrolet

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When I was a kid, we'd pile into the family car once a year and take to the highways which were actually only occasionally four lanes, more ofter two lanes and never interstates as we know them today.  That means that we'd roll along behind trucks and Sunday drivers until a break in the traffic allowed Dad to floor it and pass the cars ahead.

If you're old enough, you may remember a TV commercial advertising Chevrolets, first sung by Dinah Shore.  Here's a new version I found on youtube by Glee.

Whenever I see this tablecloth and pillow produced by Red and White Kitchen Co., I can't help but think back to those days.  As the third child with a brother and sister in the family, I'd get to sit between Mom and Dad in the front seat or crawl up in the back window of our 1949 Pontiac to take a nap.

If gasoline prices have caused your vacations have lately turned into Staycations, this would be a clever way to begin geographical discussions at the dinner table or the family room.

Vacationland Tablecloth/Pillow


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